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These patches were slowly developed over a period of 20 years. Off The Matrix banks showcase the true capability of vintage synths.

Although the K1 is a inexpensive digital synth, it is capable of fat sounds by combining four oscillators. The Off The Matrix bank showcases the it's true capability, pulsating etheral pads, fat analog emulations and some rocking organs. Budget synthesis doesn't get much better than this! The bank comes in two formats, SysEx and General MIDI.

                        A-1 Cybergate          B-1 Rock Organ

                        A-2 Earth Wind        B-2 Drawbars

                        A-3 AirStrings          B-3 Dirty B3

                        A-4 Twilight               B-4 Cathedral

                        A-5 FilmTrack           B-5 Rimba

                        A-6 East Piper          B-6 Good Vibe

                        A-7 Deep India         B-7 ChimeEsmbl

                        A-8 Moon Rise         B-8 Tubular

                        C-1 TridentStr          D-1 Fanfare

                        C-2 Brazz                   D-2 Trumpbone

                        C-3 Obese Poly       D-3 Flute Solo

                        C-4 Tri Solo              D-4 Recorder

                        C-5 Sine Bass          D-5 Sqr Harp

                        C-6 -dB Bass            D-6 Bender Pad

                        C-7 Ring Bass          D-7 Only One

                        C-8 Fat Fifths           D-8 Jump & Hop

Kawai K1/K1m patches

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