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These patches were slowly developed over a period of 20 years. Off The Matrix banks showcase the true capability of vintage synths.

The V50 was designed as a workstation to compete with the  popular Kor M1. Unfortunately, the factory patches were not as good as the hardware of the synth. The V50 had several improvments over the other 4 opperator synths. A major advantage was that operators can be set to a low fixed frequency of 1hz, as did the DX7. That makes it possible to create fat analog and rich phaser like effects. Yet, none of the V50 the factory patches took advantage of the feature.

These patches were slowed developed over a period of 25 years. Althought the V50 and TQ5 have less operators than the DX7 they have an advantage over the DX7 by using waveforms other than just sine waves.  These banks showcase the true capability of 4 operator FM. The patches go far beyond the "canned" samples sound of the ROMplers of the period. If these patches came out in the 80's to compete with the M1 they my have changed history.


There are 100 patches in the bank and 25 performance setups for the V50. The banks are in two formats, syx and standard midi files. There is also I01 file that can be used on the V50's disk drive.


V50 / TQ5 patches

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