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These patches were slowly developed over a period of 20 years. Off The Matrix banks showcase the true capability of vintage synths.

 These banks showcase the true capability and versatility of the Yamaha SY77. The realism of many of the patches comes from the 6 operators of the SY77 responding differententy to velocity levels, so the sound is dynamic as an accoustic instrument. The patches go far beyond the "canned" samples sound of the ROMplers of the period. The SY77 is a truly remarkable synth which can rival modern VL synths.

                      A01 Tech Piano      B01 Prgsv Bass

                      A02 Old Rhodes    B02 Pick Bass

                      A03 DX Tines         B03 5 osc.Bass

                      A04 Live Clav         B04 OB Bass

                     A05 Harpsichrd      B05 TechnoBass

                      A06 B3 Rocks!        B06 -dB Bass

                      A07 House Org      B07 HollowBass

                      A08 Full Ranks       B08 RaveSquare

                      A09 Mr.Clean          B09 Matrix 5th

                      A10 60's RockGtr    B10 Move Solo

                      A11 FX Guitar           B11 Tech Lead

                      A12 Pickup Gtr         B12 Prodigy

                      A13 Rock Mute        B13 Mini Solo

                      A14 West Harp        B14 Warm Brass

                      A15 East String        B15 Obese Poly

                      A16 Harmonics        B16 Trance Stab

                      C01 Dyn Violins        D01 Seraphim

                      C02 Warm Pad         D02 Oceandeep

                      C03 PWM Pad          D03 Sonic Wing

                      C04Chorale               D04 Hydro Pad

                      C05 Fantasy               D05 Morpheus

                      C06 Mountains         D06 Influx

                      C07 Leviathan           D07 Cyber Gate

                      C08 Deep Space      D08 S/Hold Pad

                      C09 Fanfare                D09 All I Need

                      C10 Dynmc Horn      D10 Sect Pizz

                      C11 Rock Brass          D11 Bohemians

                      C12 Flageolet             D12 Sky Bells

                      C13 Clock Bells          D13 Finale

                      C14 Carol Bells          D14 Nether

                      C15 Perc Split             D15 Epic Pad

                      C16 Barbarian            D16 Machine Kit                  

SY77 / TG77 Patches

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