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Here's some free stuff!

k250 drum 3_edited.png

The the legendary K250 had a powerful set of classic 80's drum samples. The dry samples can be layered with the ambient samples, a shorter decay of the ambient samples will have the effect of less reverberation. The kit is really versatile, it works well for many styles. The kit only takes about 1MB so the samples are ideal to be used with older gear like the Yamaha EX5 and the Kurzweil K2500.

Sy Edit.jpg

SY Edit is a vintage voice editor for the Yamaha SY22, SY35 and TG33. The program is freeware that was frist written by Rich Hanson for the Atari ST in 1995. This 2.1 version was totally re-written for 32 bit windows in July 2000. The program gives access to the FM parameters that can not be edited by the hardware of the SY synths.
This program was used to create the Off The Matrix patches for the vector SY synths on a legacy computer running Windows Me. The program should work on newer systems with Compatibility Mode.

tx802 pull out a.JPG

Since the Yamaha TX802 operation pullout is difficult to find, it's here for reference. The image is in a zip file because it was required by the host.

Akai S5000 S6000 OS


This is OS version 2.14 to restore the sampler if the system crashes. Our Akai S6000 crashed and it wasn't fun!

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